Experience tasting tour

The ticket includes a guided tour in the historical MeBo Museum, a tour in the Experience wing, the tasting consisting of a sample of six different types of cheese and two beers

Duration: about 2 hours

All-inclusive price: 28.00€
Special subscription museum fee (Italian museum Card Abbonamento Musei): 18.00€
Special fee for children and disabled:15.00 € (price reserved for visitors under 14 and the disabledi)



The Experience Lunch Tour will enable you to get to know the history of the founding companies of the MeBo Museum: Birra Menabrea and Botalla Formaggi.
In the guided museum tour, you will discover the ancient productions of beer, butter and cheese and special attention will be dedicated to Sbirro, the product symbolizing the union of the two companies. In the Experience wing we will show you the current methods of production of the products of the two companies. At the end, following some theorical notions, there will be a tasting consisting of six type of cheese and two beers.

The duration of the tour is about 2 hours.

Please arrive at the ticket office 10 minutes before the beginning of the tour.

The participants will be placed in groups of a maximum of 40 people.

Tickets are non-refundable

Additional information

Ticket type

Special fee 15.00€

Services included

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