The MeBo project

This project has its roots in a great friendship. Franco Thedy of Birra Menabrea and Andrea Bonino of Botalla Formaggi, work together in their passion for their local territory as well as their work and the history of their respective companies.

A museum, two stories

MeBo is the love for the past which is preserved in all of its affluence. Traditions, know-how, small customs from the farming world are an immense legacy MeBo wants to protect and enhance. MeBo is also an interesting special place which is also fun. There are many noteworthy aspects which narrate two lovely stories, which are different, but both based on the same values and tied to the same territory. These two stories uniting together gave birth to an absolutely unique and exceptional product called Sbirro. This is how the original Sbirro cheese made by Botalla and flavored with Menabrea beer was born, which is available in the shop at MeBo together with a lot of other excellent delicacies.

The Botalla Formaggi trademark was established in 1947, in a scenario rich in nature and color. There is the lightest water in Italy here flowing from the Biellese Prealps, in addition to green pastures, the white of  snow-covered peaks, the red of the passion and the will to reconstruct a country starting from the authentic values of the area:  work, tradition and some original flavors.

Natale Botalla founded his company in the heart of Biella, where there is still its main office, over an ancient cellar, the ideal place for ageing cheese according to the authentic rules of tradition.

History and innovation co-exist in the heart of Formaggi Botalla where the new does not forget the past, but protects it rendering it perfect and projecting it in the future.  This is where Botalla meets Menabrea.

Birra Menabrea

Menabrea is a company which has left its mark for the distinctive flavor of its beer.  Its trademark has always been in step with time, identifying a brewery proud of its past, of its traditional recipes with excellent ingredients, but projected in the future towards the constant improvement of its productive process. It is of great significance that the main office and the brewery plant, which have been modernized in time, are still the original ones of their foundation, located right in the heart of the city of Biella.

In this way, Birra Menabrea is faithful to itself: located in its area surrounded by the Alps, with pure extremely light water and a brewing culture which has been passed on from generation to generation. This is when Menabrea meets Botalla…

  • Botalla

    Formaggi dal 1947
  • Cheese seasoning

  • Bonino Brothers and Thedy

  • Bottling machine

  • Menabrea

    Brewery since 1846



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