Discover Mebo

In Biella there is an absolutely unique museum of its kind, capable of uniting two stories in such a convincing way as to seem like one.

The beer

This is a place dedicated to beer lovers, a unique way to discover and enter into the history of the oldest active brewery in Italy. This wing of MeBo, dedicated to Menabrea, is a barrage of machinery, utensils, documents, photographs and objects pertaining to the trade which narrate an adventure continuing with passion since 1846. By observing, listening and browsing one can recognize and learn about the exceptional instruments of the past used by the master brewers. There are also historic bottles, rare labels, odd mugs and “crown caps” from collections…

The cheese

Have you ever asked yourself why cheese has a round shape? Maybe because it was traditionally made as “wheels” for easy transport and even today this form is much easier to stack up in piles, saving space during its conservation and ageing. In this wing of MeBo, dedicated to Botalla, there are endless surprises as one walks by, such as live size cows with something to tell us.



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